Omnia Arfin Omnia Arfin

The Tape

Analogue Zone is a work in progress project organized by LaborBerlin and Cimatheque in Cairo. It is based on a celluloid film training program, involving filmmakers, artists, and amateurs from Egypt, Germany, Greece and Lebanon. The program will consist in a collective and collaborative reflection and production on the theme of Transition – in its widest sense – whether political, cultural, social, economic, artistic, or aesthetic.
Participants learn how to operate Super 8 and 16mm film cameras, expose different film stocks as well as hand- process, edit and finally project their own films.
Actor: Yasser Azmy
DOP: Amr Wishahy
Film Editing: Omnia Arfin
Written and Directed by: Omnia Arfin
@ 2012

The Tape (Super 8) الشريط from Omnia Arfin on Vimeo.