Omnia Arfin Omnia Arfin

A Forbidden

Short movie outcome of of the second round of the Film-making Fundamentals course by writer/ director Ammar Galal at Place Des Arts Art center, outcome of only 8 sessions to complete beginners.
At the end of the course, the students worked together and made this short movie.
Sound mixer: Malek Diaa
Art Director: Yara Okail
Editing: Malek Diaa
1st Assistant Director: Muhammad Mustafa
Assistant Gaffer: Hossam
Producer: Layla Ǯomar El Farouk
D.O.P: Omnia Arfin
Written and directed by: Shahira Kamal
Mentor: Ammar Yasser
Special thanks to:
Tareq Abdel Ghaffar
and special thanks to the actors:
Khaled Sallam
Mai Taher
Magued Nagati
Mohamed Ash
Vanna Imam
Sayed Arafat

A Forbidden السؤال حُرم؟ from Omnia Arfin on Vimeo.