Omnia Arfin Omnia Arfin

Frankie Boy
A pair of EMS workers find separating a widow from her dearly departed husband is much harder than they imagined.

Director: Cengizhan Turkistan
Writer: Lara Johnson
Stars: Deborah Grover, Nell Verlaque, Jim Codrington
Camera Operators: Omnia Arfin, Varun Goregaonkar
DoP: Pauzash Miathaiwala
Cinematography Consultant: Adam Swica

Official Festival Selection:
2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival
2021 Paris International Short Festival
2021 Toronto Independent Festival of Cift
2021 San Francisco Indie Short Festival
2021 Cairo Indie Short Festival
2021 Niagara Falls International Short Festival

Awards: Honourable Mention, Long Comedy or Drama Category, 2020-21 Canadian Media Educators (CME) Awards